GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer takes just minutes to download and install. It's available for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows computers.

Downloading Disk Space Analyzer

Visit and download the latest version of Disk Space Analyzer.

Installing Disk Space Analyzer MSI Package

  1. Start the MSI file that you have downloaded (GvDsaSetup64.msi).
  2. Please read the license agreement and if you accept the terms of the agreement, select 'I Agree' and press 'Next'
  3. Choose the installation folder and click 'Next'.
  4. Installer is now ready to install Disk Space Analyzer, so just click 'Next' to start.
  5. Installer will start copying data onto your computer. Just wait until it's all done.
  6. Installation complete. Click 'Close' button to close setup wizard.

    Launching GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer from the Start Menu:

Uninstalling GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer

Start GvDsaSetup64.msi, select 'Remove GraphVu Disk Space Analyser' radio-button and click 'Finish'.

Unpacking ZIP Archive

If you have downloaded one of the 7z files then all you need to do is to unpack it into a directory of your choice. GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer will not be added to the Start Menu automatically, so you'll have to add it manually, if you want to.