GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer

Explore the file system with the new GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer:

  • Quickly find space-consuming folders that are hiding in deep directory structures;
  • Visualize complex directory structures; choose different automatic graph layouts or rearrange graph nodes manually;
  • Search for files and folders;
  • Effectively fight information overload; hide small unimportant brunches;
  • Free space by deleting files and folders; change directory structure by quickly moving folders to a different location.


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TreeVu ActiveX Control

TreeVu is a freeware ActiveX Control Component for tree editing and viewing.

With TreeVu ActiveX Control you can:

  • Create new trees
  • Define tree, vertex and edge properties
  • Add or delete vertices and edges
  • Assign, read or modify tree, vertex or edge property values
  • Apply hierarchical, radial and force-directed layouts
  • Rotate 90 degrees left or right
  • Flip vertically or horizontally
  • Save tree in a file on disk and load it back
  • Define custom context menus
  • Use system and user defined icons


TreeVuCtrl in VB 2008 Express Screenshot

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